Blabberize is an application that allows you to speak through a picture. Students upload a picture and then create a mouth. Ideas for Blabberize include retelling a story, book reviews, explaining a math or science process, creating biographies. The ideas are endless. Check out some examples below.

Be sure that you follow copyright laws when choosing pictures. Pictures that are Public Domain can be used. Be sure to cite where the picture was found. You can cite in the summary section when saving it or you can cite within the recording.

You can create an account for your class because there can be multiple people logged in under one account. . A Blabber must be completely done before saving it. Once you log out, you cannot go back and finish it. The blabbers will be saved under your account and can also be embedded on your webpage. Blabbers can now be more than one page also.

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Ideas for Blabberize:

Tell everything you know about a number
Research a plant or animal and then upload the picture and have tell facts as if they were the planet or animal
All About Me